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harpia::harpiagcfrontend::S2iHarpiaFrontend Class Reference

Inherits GladeWindow::GladeWindow.

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Detailed Description

Main window.

Implements the main window frontend functionalities. Its derived from GladeWindow.
This class connects all the signals in the harpia frontend main window and implements their functions.

Definition at line 80 of file harpiagcfrontend.py.

Public Member Functions

def __del__
def __init__
def drag_data_get_cb
def drag_data_received
def fixBlockPositions
def LoadExample
def LoadExamplesMenu
def make_pb
def on_AboutMenuBar_activate
def on_BlocksTreeView_cursor_changed
def on_BlocksTreeView_row_activated
def on_BlocksTreeView_row_activated_pos
def on_CloseMenuBar_activate
def on_CodeToolBar_clicked
def on_CodeToolBar_clickedIneer
def on_CopyMenuBar_activate
def on_CutMenuBar_activate
def on_DeleteMenuBar_activate
def on_Export_clicked
def on_HarpiaFrontend_destroy
def on_NewMenuBar_activate
def on_NewToolBar_clicked
def on_OpenMenuBar_activate
def on_OpenToolBar_clicked
def on_PasteMenuBar_activate
def on_Preferences_clicked
def on_ProcessToolBar_clicked
def on_ProcessToolBar_clickedIneer
def on_QuitMenuBar_activate
def on_reset_tip_activate
def on_SaveASMenuBar_activate
def on_SaveMenuBar_activate
def on_SaveToolBar_clicked
def on_SearchButton_clicked
def on_tip_activate
def on_UpdateToolBar_clicked
def on_ZoomDefaultToolBar_clicked
def on_ZoomInToolBar_clicked
def on_ZoomOutToolBar_clicked
def OnEvent
def SetGridInterval
def SetStatusMessage
def ShowGrid
def UpdateStatus

Public Attributes


Private Member Functions

def __CopyBlock
def __InsertBlocks

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