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harpia::amara::saxtools::sax2dom_chunker Class Reference

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Detailed Description

Note: Ignores nodes prior to the document element, such as PIs and
text nodes.  Collapses CDATA sections into plain text
Only designed to work if you set the feature
to 1 on the parser you use.

xpatterns - list of XPatterns.  Only portions of the
    tree within these patterns will be instantiated as DOM (as
    chunks fed to chunk_consumer in sequence)
    If None (the default, a DOM node will be created representing
    the entire tree.

nss - a dictionary of prefix -> namespace name mappings used to
    interpret XPatterns

chunk_consumer - a callable object taking a DOM node.  It will be
    invoked as each DOM chunk is prepared.

domimpl - DOM implemention to build, e.g. mindom (the default)
    or cDomlette or pxdom (if you have the right third-party
    packages installed).

owner_doc - for advanced uses, if you want to use an existing
    DOM document object as the owner of all created nodes.

Definition at line 338 of file saxtools.py.

Public Member Functions

def __init__
def __init__
def characters
def comment
def endDocument
def endElementNS
def endPrefixMapping
def get_root_node
def name_to_qname
def processingInstruction
def startDocument
def startElementNS
def startPrefixMapping

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